#15: Building a Locally Sourced Smoothie Shop with Nicole Gaffney

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In this interview, I talk to Nicole Gaffney about her career path from personal chef to TV personality to blogger to smoothie shop owner, what it takes to source local ingredients, and her advice for entrepreneurs who want to introduce their own communities to healthier, more sustainable food.

Nicole Gaffney, aka Coley, is a former personal chef turned food blogger, recipe developer, tv personality, and most recently, a coffee + smoothie shop owner. She’s best known for being 2nd runner up on Season 10 of Food Network Star, and has since been featured on Infomercials, The Today Show, QVC, and The Chef’s Kitchen.



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Nicole Gaffney on At The Table Podcast | My guest today is Nicole Gaffney, aka Coley. She's a former personal chef turned food blogger and tv personality - you might recognize her from segments on QVC or the Today Show or as a runner-up on Food Network Star. Last year, she opened Soulberri, a locally-focused, socially conscious coffee and smoothie shop in her hometown of Brigantine, New Jersey.