#17: How to Waste Less Food with Dana Gunders

dana gunders on at the table podcast

Dana Gunders is a former senior scientist with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and a leading national expert on food waste. In this interview, Dana walks us through why and how food is wasted in the first place, how much attention you should really pay to expiration dates, and some strategies to reduce food waste both throughout the food industry and as individuals in our home kitchens.

Dana is a leading national expert on food waste reduction and was deemed “the woman who helped start the waste-free movement” by Consumer Reports. She is the author of Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook and, for almost a decade, was a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Dana has testified in Congress and is a founding member of ReFED’s Steering Committee. Dana’s work to reduce food waste has been covered on media outlets from John Oliver to New York Times to Dr. Oz. Dana now advises companies, investors, and government agencies on food waste reduction via her new business, Next Course LLC.



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How to reduce food waste in your home kitchen with Dana Gunders