#12: Eating Off The Beaten Palate with Michael-Ann Rowe

Michael Ann Rowe headshot for At The Table Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE, Emmy Award Winner Michael-Ann Rowe takes us on her journey from theatre major to TV host to food and travel journalist, tells us what it takes to create and produce a show for PBS, and weighs in on the future of film as a medium for food storytelling.

Michael-Ann Rowe was born in New Brunswick, Canada and moved to New York City in 1992 after studying theater at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Her love of food eventually brought her to Entrée TV as a show host for more than six years, which ultimately led her to delve into the culture of food and develop her own food and travel series, Off The Beaten Palate. The three-part documentary series was broadcast on PBS and received an Emmy award in 2014.


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Michael-Ann Rowe on At The Table Podcast