#30: Building a Locally-Sourced, Seasonally-Driven Catering Company with Wil Hansen

Headshot of WIl Hansen on At the Table Podcast with text that reads "Co-founder, chef of White Pepper Catering."

Wil Hansen is the co-founder and chef at White Pepper, an award-winning catering company in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to locally-sourced, seasonally-driven ingredients, White Pepper is reimagining what it means to be a successful caterer by focusing not just on restaurant-quality food, but on the people behind it.

A former restaurant chef, Wil founded White Pepper with his wife as a fun side hustle – though it quickly grew into a full-time company that’s since been named best Portland Caterer by Oregon Bride Magazine three years running. Today, White Pepper is a sought-after caterer with a focus on sustainable, local ingredients and a private event space built to serve their clients and their community.

In this interview, we talk to Wil about how he grew White Pepper from a side hustle into a Portland catering powerhouse, the realities of sourcing sustainable ingredients for large and often complicated events, and how he and his team have built a client list that’s committed to their mission – even when it comes with a higher price tag.



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Wil Hansen from White Pepper Catering on At The Table Podcast. We talk about building a locally-sourced seasonally-driven catering company.