#14: Relentless Transparency with Duncan Berry and Fishpeople Seafood

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In this episode, I talk to Fishpeople Seafood co-founder Duncan Berry about his passion for sustainable seafood, the importance of giving fishermen the opportunity to tell their stories, and relentless transparency.

Duncan grew up on the Oregon Coast and, at age 16, became one of the youngest commercial fishing sea captains. His two decades at sea instilled a lifelong love for marine habitats and a commitment to creating vibrant coastal communities. After his time at sea, Duncan turned his entrepreneurial skills to the fashion apparel industry where one of his companies, Greensource, became one of the largest organic textile companies in the world. After selling his company, Duncan returned to his beloved ocean community where he was inspired to help local fishermen by providing American consumers with sustainably caught seafood that is convenient and affordable, preserves marine habitats and supports coastal communities. In 2012 Duncan launched Fishpeople Seafood with Kipp Baratoff to create a revolutionary sustainable seafood brand that is changing consumers’ relationship with the sea.



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14: Relentless Transparency with Duncan Berry Fishpeople Seafood co-founder Duncan Berry talks to us about the importance of giving fishermen the chance to tell their stories, Fishpeople's unique approach to traceability in the supply chain, and his commitment to relentless transparency. | At The Table Podcast