#26: Food as a Force for Social Good with Jenny Dorsey

Chef Jenny Dorsey on At The Table Podcast
photo by Hannah Burton for Bustle

Founder of the “Asian in America” and “Wednesdays” dinner series, Chef Jenny Dorsey is using art and storytelling to fuse food with social good. In this interview, we talk to Jenny about her journey from finance to fine dining, her unique brand of food storytelling, and how she uses virtual reality to elevate culinary experiences designed to make people uncomfortable.

Jenny Dorsey is a professional chef, author and artist specializing in multi-platform storytelling fusing food with social good. Right now, she’s especially interested in emerging technology, such as AR/VR. She leads a nonprofit studio named Studio ATAO, is the Co-Host of Why Food? podcast on Heritage Radio Network and runs her own consulting business.



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Chinese Exclusion Act (and its effects on Chinese Restaurants in America)

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Chef Jenny Dorsey on At The Table Podcast | How Jenny Dorsey uses food as a force for social good.